Pipedrive’s features

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Monitoring progress

Get instant feedback on sales results, identify bottlenecks, and make the needed changes to your processes.

Accurate forecasts

Make a reliable forecast with your sales data and use it to develop your strategy.

Activity-based planning

Set goals and break down dates into activities for your team to complete with confidence.

Sales coach

Identify successful patterns in your team’s performance and repeat your sales successes.

​​Data quality management

Eliminate friction from your sales data entry processes by automatically collecting data during the sales cycle.

​​Sales action plan

Identify the activities that will allow your team to achieve their goals and give feedback on their effectiveness.

We make sales more efficient

Manage leads and sales

Get more hot leads straight into your sales pipeline around the clock.

Data and reports

Familiarize yourself with custom metrics for your business and measure your business’ performance against set goals.

​​Stay on top of communication

Keep track of calls, emails, and contact history wherever you are, and keep your schedule visible and under control.

Data protection and security

Stay fully aware about when and how your business data is used for peace of mind.

Automate and grow

Eliminate unnecessary hassle by automating repetitive administrative tasks with machine-learning artificial intelligence.

​​Mobile applications and integrations

Use Pipedrive on your mobile device and integrate your favorite sales-boosting apps.

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